We are an equal opportunity service provider operating under special use permit in the San Juan National Forest and Weminuche Wilderness.



      - Jacket or Vest
           - Florescent Orange or Pink (Solid, NO Patterns, NO Break Up)
           - At least 500 square inches
      - Head Cover
           - Florescent Orange or Pink (Solid, NO Patterns, NO Break Up)
           - Visible from 360°
      - Camo gear for Archery
      - Rain / Snow gear - VERY IMPORTANT
      - 2 pairs of Boots - warm, comfortable, 1 pair waterproof
      - Warm socks
      - Hand Warmers
      - Small Cushion or Stool for sitting
      - Shirts, gloves, etc. - temperature range of 0° F to 65° F
      - Sleeping Bag - warm one (-20°F preffered)
      - Toilet Paper
      - Personal Toiletries
      - Fire Sticks
      - Frame Pack for Wilderness Drop Camps (Required)
      - Ammo - it's expensive here
      - Head Lamp / Flashlight
      - Binoculars
      - Compass and/or GPS (recommended)
      - 2 Way Radio(s)
      - Game Bags, 1 per species / tag
      - 60lbs per person plus backpack if needed
      - Prescription Medicine and/or other remedies
      - Guns will be packed on hunters horse and saddle with leather gun scabbard
      - Gun cleaning kit
      - Sling for your Bow
           - Hard Case (Plastic only, No Metal)
           - Soft cases not recommended. Will be packed up on mule pack string.
      - Bow Repair Kit
      - Body cleaning supplies - NO SHOWERS AT CAMP!!
      - Marking Tape
      - Wind Checker (powder)
      - Water Bottle - We have drinking water at camps in 6 & 7 gallon containers

      You must inform us of any health problems that the high altitude will affect! You will be @ about 8,500 - 11,500ft, drink lots of water to help eliminate high altitude sickness.

    - Small survival kit - (Waterproof matches, rope, space blanket, band-aids, etc.)
    - Coolers (Big) or freezer, tarps to haul back meat (will stay in truck)
    - Scent Blocker Dust (for Archery / Muzzel Loading)
    - Oxygen (O2) Boost Can

DON'T FORGET YOUR LICENSE!!! (Some of you will buy yours here)

SIGHT IN YOUR RIFLES AND PRACTICE A BIT IF NEEDED (Same for Archers) Bring one extra rifle for your group if possible - just in case

***Must have a Hunter Safety Card if born after January 1, 1949***

DON'T FORGET YOUR FOOD! (You can purchase it here if needed) Make a menu for your group. Max per person 60lbs Max cooler size is 48qt (No wheels) - to pack up on mule back to camp

EMERGENCY NUMBERS TO GIVE YOUR FAMILIES Home: 970-264-5266 Sheriff's Office: 970-264-2131 or 970-264-5558

Call us if you have any questions or want to check the weather